Weight adjustment system installation

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  1. Mark points for the holes on back side of tailpiece. Use ruler or caliper to find and mark points for holes. Measure 18 mm down from the right edge of the left hole and left edge of the right hole as shown on the diagram.
  2. Use titanium screws with three weights on each screw to check if holes are marked properly.
  3. Use diamond bit to drill holes. Use water to lubricate and cool down edges of hole while drilling, be careful to prevent overheating of carbon fiber, do not apply too much pressure. First drill from back side of tailpiece half of the way, then drill from the front side.
  4. Clean the tailpiece with water and soft cloth.
  5. Insert the screw from front side and screw the weight on from back side and tighten it by fingers.

Now you can change weight of left and right parts of tailpiece thereby adjust resonance of high and low strings to find perfect tone balance for your instrument.

Please note, this Weight adjustment system works only with ConCarbo tailpieces.