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New 234 mm long ConCarbo tailpieces

Dear friends, I’m excited to release new 234 mm long ConCarbo tailpieces. Now you can purchase Classic style (French, Tulip, Hill) ConCarbo tailpieces in 2 standard sizes 234 mm (4/4) and 214 mm (3/4). Georg Schegolsky
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New ConCarbo hook style fine tuners relesed.

I’m glad to present you new Titanium hook style cello fine tuners. Titanium hook weight is only 2 g (with screw and nut 3.4g) it is very light compared to regular not ConCarbo fine tuners but heavier than ConCarbo mini levers. In return they are easier to use since they do not require removing strings[...]
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Discount 10% from November 6 till November 13.

This autumn ConCarbo range of tailpieces is so far the most varied. And it’s time for special offer for you, dear cellists, violists and violinists. Each tailpiece is made of carbon fiber whether it has twill, black or unidirectional appearance or painting art (brush, acrylic). On my site you can order any carbon fiber tailpiece[...]
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Discount 10% from August 5 to August 19.

Dear cellists, violists, violinists, I think the last third of summertime is good time for special offer. 10% discount for each carbon fiber tailpiece from August 5 to August 19. All tailpieces are represented on my site including new wood art appearance for cello tailpiece (boxwood and rosewood). They are also included in special[...]
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10% Discount

Summertime is getting closer. It’s time to enrich the sound of your instrument. And I find it to be a good time for a special offer from ConCarbo. 10% discount for ordering any carbon fiber tailpiece for cello, viola or violin on my site from May, 10 till May, 20. I’m gladly inviting music stores[...]
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Music Fair in Rutesheim on 28 October, 2019

Hello, dear cellists, violinists and violists! I’ll be happy to represent my collection of lightweight carbon fiber tailpieces for cello, violin and viola at Music Fair in Rutesheim on 28 October, 2019 You can find more information about the fair here And I’d like to welcome all of you at my ConCarbo stand where[...]
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Precision (tunable afterlengths) cello tailpiece released

Tailpiece for 4/4 cello, Precision model. This innovative model allows tuning afterlength pitch of each string “on the fly” without releasing tension of strings. Set includes 4 titanium rollers that are positioned between tailpiece and string and are held by string tension. Rollers can be moved with your fingers up and down to tune afterlength[...]
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Clay Ruede review.

“My impressions after recording a demonstration of the ConCarbo cello tailpiece by Georg Schegolsky. In making a direct comparison between a standard, widely used composite cello tailpiece by Wittner and the new ConCarbo, I set about to first make such a comparison as directly as possible. The control of parameters of the setup of the[...]
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Harp series released

ConCarbo carbon fiber cello medium harp tailpiece
We are pleased to present you our new Harp style cello carbon fiber tailpieces. Harp series. This new style tailpieces provides string afterlength ratio closer to the right pitch then classic style tailpieces.
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