Weight adjustment set for cello tailpiece

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Weight adjustment set for cello tailpiece

Dear cellists, i am glad to present you new innovation for ConCarbo tailpieces, Weight adjustment system. Sometimes excess resonance can make the sound too bright. This system allows adding weight gradually to left and right part of tailpiece separately to decrease resonance on low or high strings and get desired tone balance “right on the fly”. Weight adjustment set contains 6 brass weights (6.3 grams), 2 aluminum weights (2 grams) and 2 titanium screws (0.7 gram). Each screw can hold 3 weights, so additional weight can be adjusted from 2.7 to 19.6 grams on each side, summary maximum 39.2 grams. Weight adjustment system requires 2 holes in tailpiece for attaching screws and weights. In case tailpiece ordered with weight adjustment system on concarbo.com , holes will be drilled in my workshop. If you already have ConCarbo tailpiece, Weight adjustment set will contain diamond bit. The hole can be easily drilled with electric drill or electric screwdriver using this diamond bit.

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Detailed installation instructions are here  Weight adjustment system installation.

Please note, this Weight adjustment system can work only with ConCarbo tailpieces.