Precision (tunable afterlengths) cello tailpiece released

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Precision (tunable afterlengths) cello tailpiece released

Tailpiece for 4/4 cello, Precision model.

This innovative model allows tuning afterlength pitch of each string “on the fly” without releasing tension of strings.

Set includes 4 titanium rollers that are positioned between tailpiece and string and are held by string tension. Rollers can be moved with your fingers up and down to tune afterlength pitch. Rollers system allows string to move freely during pitch tuning by fine tuner without resistance.

Overall length of tailpiece is 233(+-2)mm

– Real carbon fiber composite material.
– Lightweight.
– Perfect resonance conductivity.
– Corrosion resistance.
– Temperature resistance.
– Biologically inert.
– Hand made.

This tailpiece improves response, resonance, volume, tone clearness.

Comes with kevlar tailcord.


Rollers are joined by thread, I recommend leaving this thread to prevent losing rollers when lowering string tension.


  1. Adjust tailcord to get afterlength pitch without rollers below desired pitch.
  2. Place the rollers between tailpiece and string.
  3. Use fine tuners to tune strings.
  4. Tune afterlength of each string by moving rollers up to make pitch sharper and down to make pitch flatter.

Please share your impressions and tuning experience here forum

Experiments with afterlengths adjusting.

Video by Clay Ruede